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Wamkele Mene, Secretary General, African Continental Free Trade Area  Secretariat (AfCFTA)
Free Trade Area

Digital trade is the next big thing in Africa

— Wamkele Mene, Secretary General, African Continental Free Trade Area Secretariat (AfCFTA)
New technologies and business models are creating a mass market
Free Trade Area

Africans must explore opportunities in digital trade

— African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Secretariat Chief Wamkele Mene
Chelvin Ramsamy of Mauritius

My life-changing journey to the African Union

Education as the most powerful weapon to change the world
Ms. Hanna Tetteh
Cover Story

Beyond ending conflict in Africa, we must tackle its root causes

— Hanna Tetteh, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to the African Union
Ms. Gertrude Mongella: An internationally known Tanzanian gender activist was elected to preside over the new parliament.  Photo : ©UN / E. Schneider

Pan-African Parliament now a reality

'A sign of democratic maturity'

Darfur: an experiment in African peacekeeping

Is African Union–UN hybrid a model for the future?
Africa at 50

‘A lot of reasons to be optimistic’

Cheick Sidi Diarra, UN special adviser on Africa, reflects on 50 years
Africa at 50

African women’s long walk to equality

Some gains, but an uphill climb still looms

‘Stability is based on democracy’

Interview with Said Djinnit, UN representative on West Africa

Africa’s displaced people: out of the shadows

African Union convention breaks new ground, but challenges await

Africa’s disabled will not be forgotten

People with disabilities fight for services, rights, dignity

Africa defends democratic rule

“Zero tolerance” for coups, constitutional violations

Climate deal: hard work lies ahead

Africans press strong case at Copenhagen talks

Pursuit of justice or Western plot?

International indictments stir angry debate in Africa

Africa sharpens its voice on climate

Leaders forging a common position for climate change talks

World downturn squeezing Africa

Calls for more aid, greater voice in recovery plans

Africa calls for a ‘new impetus’

UN General Assembly debates continent’s development needs

Out of crisis, opportunity?

Africa seeks a voice in global financial management

Africa’s partners must ‘walk the talk’

UN General Assembly urges donors to fulfill their promises

Africa aims for a scientific revolution

More funding needed for research institutes and universities

Africa a priority for new UN head

Ban Ki-moon sets African issues high on the global agenda

Darfur facing even greater horror

With Sudan crisis sharpening, UN sees no time for “half measures”

Ghana takes African governance exam

“Peer review” highlights progress, need for more reforms

What the World Summit means for Africa

Commitments on aid, debt relief and MDGs are reaffirmed

Africa’s media pushes for more freedom

Slowly, a tough beat gets better

African women battle for equality

Some progress 10 years after Beijing, but major challenges remain

Moving ‘from rhetoric to action’

UN panel on NEPAD highlights aid quality, private sector
Health Campaign