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Growing hunger, high food prices in Africa don’t have to become worse tragedy

Avoiding the horseman of famine will take applying past lessons and quick action by governments, international organizations.
Woman farmers

Feeding Africa from within: Smallholder farmers could leverage the AfCFTA

COVID-19 impact has exposed weakness of current food systems, but also revealed an opportunity to boost continental trade.
Maize field in Namibia.

African farmers could benefit from more friendly EU agriculture policies

AfCFTA can boost African farmers’ efforts to compete with the EU
Factory worker in Ethiopia explaining tractor use to colleagues.

Mechanizing agriculture is key to food security

Governments and the private sector must partner to increase investments in the sector
Cattle farmer Msinanga produces supplemental feed for his cattle in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s beef industry stampedes back to life

After a decade in limbo, beef farmers are back in business
A farmer in Mount Kenya region in Kenya. Photo: CIAT/Neil Palmer

Fighting ‘hidden hunger’ with fortified foods

Lack of key nutrients in food impedes growth
Health Campaign