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Experts head to Mali after the first confirmed case of Ebola

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Experts head to Mali after the first confirmed case of Ebola


A two-year-old girl has tested positive for Ebola in Mali, the first confirmed case of the virus in the country.

The World Health Organization says that it was informed about the little girl’s condition by authorities in Mali last night.

The child was admitted to a hospital in Kayes, 600 kilometres from the capital Bamako, on Wednesday.

Forty-three people who have come into contact with the girl have been put in quarantine. Ten of those are health workers.

Fadela Chaib, spokesperson for WHO, says that the organization is sending further Ebola experts to Mali to try to contain the virus.

"We have a logistician and an infection control expert currently in the country with the preparedness strengthening team in the country since the 19th of October. We will need to strengthen some functions of this team.  Social mobilization expert, clinical management and an epidemiologist.  We are trying  to have at least three experts to travel today or this weekend to strengthen the team."

Mali is the sixth country in West Africa to be affected by the Ebola outbreak. Senegal and Nigeria have both managed to contain the spread of the virus and have been declared Ebola-free.

Nicki Chadwick, United Nations, Geneva.