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Africa Books

Africa Renewal
From Africa Renewal: 
** Please note: books are not directly available from Africa Renewal,
they must be obtained directly from the publishers **

Peace versus Justice? The Dilemma of Transitional Justice in Africa, eds. Chandra Lekha Sriram and Suren Pillay (University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, Cape Town, South Africa, 2009; 400 pp; pb R245)

After Genocide: Transitional Justice, Post-conflict Reconstruction and Reconciliation in Rwanda and Beyond, eds. Phil Clark and Zachary D. Kaufman (C. Hurst and Co, London, UK, 2009; 352 pp; pb £20, $50)

Vers la deuxième indépendance du Congo by Colette Braeckman (Le Cri, Brussels, Belgium, 2009; 267 pp;  pb €19)

Africa’s Human Rights Architecture, eds. John Akokpari and Daniel Shea Zimbler (Jacana Media, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2008; 320 pp; pb R145)

From Global Apartheid to Global Village: Africa and the United Nations, ed. Adekeye Adebajo (University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, Cape Town, South Africa, 2009; 664 pp;  hb £42.95)

Aid to Africa: Redeemer or Colonizer? eds. Hakima Abbas and Yves Niyiragira (Pambazuka Press, London, UK, 2009; pb £12.95)

An Inconvenient Responsibility by René Lefeber (Eleven International Publishers, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2009; 28 pp; pb €12.50, $20)

Du pétrole à la solidarité: Un itinéraire africain by Bernard Moulenes (L’Harmattan, Paris, France, 2009; 146 pp; pb €14, FF92)

China Safari: On the Trail of Beijing’s Expansion in Africa by Serge Michel and Michel Beuret (Nation Books, New York, US, 2009; 336 pp; hb $27.50)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? Africa and China, eds. Kweku Ampiah and Sanusha Naidu (University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, Cape Town, South Africa, 2008; 480 pp; pb R220)

La crise financière internationale de 2008 et ses conséquences en RDCongo by Ntanda Nkingi Nkere (L’Harmattan, Paris, France, 2009; 136 pp;  €13.50, FF89)

L’Africanisme solidaire: sur les quais de l’espérance by Mohamed Salem Merzoug (L’Harmattan, Paris, France, 2008; 248 pp; €23, FF151)

The Democratic Moment: South Africa’s Prospects under Jacob Zuma by Xolela Mangcu (Jacana Media, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2009; 224 pp; pb R180)

Zunami! The 2009 South African Election by Roger Southall and John Daniel (Jacana Media, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2009; 288 pp; pb R180)

L’Afrique pour rire by Venance Konan (Jean Picollec, Paris, France, 2009; 118 pp; pb €12)

Fixing Fragile States: A New Paradigm for Development by Seth Kaplan (Praeger Security International, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 2008; 232 pp; hb $65)

Droit, culture et minorités, eds. Arnaud De Raulin, Sidi Mohamed Ould Abdallahi and Gourmo Lo (L’Harmattan, Paris, France, 2009; 390 pp; €34.50, FF226)

Identity, Diversity and Constitutionalism in Africa by Francis M. Deng (US Institute of Peace Press, Herndon, VA, USA, 2008; 308 pp; pb $19.95, hb $50)

Liberia and the United States during the Cold War: Limits of Reciprocity by D. Elwood Dunn (Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire, UK, 2009; 288 pp; pb $84.95)

Food Rebellions! Crisis and the Hunger for Justice by Eric Holt-Giménez and Raj Patel (Fahamu Books, Oxford, UK, 2009; 260 pp; pb £16.95)

An Economic History of Ghana: Reflections on a Half-Century of Challenges and Progress, ed. Ivor Agyeman-Duah (Lynne Rienner, Boulder, CO, USA, 2008; 280 pp; hb $55)

Africa and the World Trade Organization by Richard E. Mshomba (Cambridge University Press, West Nyack, NY, USA, 2009; 382 pp; hb $80)

The New Economics: A Bigger Picture by David Boyle and Andrew Simms (Stylus Publishing, Virginia, USA, 2009; 160 pp; hb $24.95)

Corporate Responses to Climate Change: Achieving Emissions Reductions Through Regulation, Self-Regulation and Economic Incentives, ed. Rory Sullivan (Greenleaf, Sheffield, UK, 2008; 356 pp; hb £40, €60, $75