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Africa Books

Africa Renewal
From Africa Renewal: 

Africa: Atlas of Our Changing Environment (United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya, 2008; 374 pp; hb $150)

Chronicles the impact of climate change on the land and peoples of Africa. Combining striking satellite imagery, land photographs and scientific narrative, the book tracks the dramatic changes in Africa’s climate and topography over the past 30 years, often presenting areas as they appeared in the 1970s and 1980s alongside contemporary images for easy comparison. A must-have for all those concerned about Africa, global warming, the environment and humanity’s impact on our fragile and endangered earth. Available through the website: <>

China Returns to Africa: A Rising Power and a Continent Embrace, eds. Chris Alden, Daniel Large and Ricardo Soares de Oliviera (Columbia University Press, New York, USA, 2008; 400 pp; hb $75)

Etat et corruption en Afrique, eds. G. Blundo and J-P Olivier De Sardan (Karthala, Paris, France, 2007; 376 pp; €26)

Healthcare Services in Africa: Overcoming Challenges, Improving Outcomes, ed. Chinua Akukwe (Adonis & Abbey, London, UK, 2008; 264 pp; pb £27.99)

Le politique par le bas en Afrique noire by Jean-François Bayart, Achille Mbembe and Comi Toulabor (Karthala, Paris, France, 2008; 228 pp; €25)

Africa and the Third Millennium, ed. George Klay Kieh, Jr. (Africa World Press, New Jersey, USA, 2008; 326 pp; pb $33.99)

L’Angola postcolonial : Guerre et paix sans démocratisation by Christine Messiant (Karthala, Paris, France, 2008; 420 pp; €29)

Isolement global: La modernité du village au Togo by Charles Piot (Karthala, Paris, France, 2008; 232 pp; €25)

Saviors and Survivors: Darfur, Politics, and the War on Terror by Mahmood Mamdani (Random House, Inc., New York, NY, USA, 2009; 304 pp; hb $21.95)

Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur by Halima Bashir and Damien Lewis (Random House, New York, NY, USA, 2008; 336 pp; hb $25)

Climate Change and Forests: Emerging Policy and Market Opportunities, eds. Charlotte Streck et al (Brookings Institution Press, Washington, DC, 2008; 360 pp; hb $69.95)

Gardons espoir pour le Rwanda: Entretiens avec Laure Guilbert et Hervé Deguine by André Sibomana (L’Harmattan, Paris, France, 2008; 312 pp; €25)

Comment l’agriculture fabrique ses paysages by Yves Poinsot (Karthala, Paris, France, 2008; 240 pp; €24)

Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe: A Report on the Disturbances in Matabeleland and the Midlands, 1980-1988 (Columbia University Press, New York, USA, 2008; 448 pp; pb $34.50)

African Women and Representation: From Performance to Politics by Therese Migraine-George (Africa World Press, New Jersey, USA, 2008; 305 pp; hb $33.99)

Human Health and Forests: A Global Overview of Issues, Practice and Policy, ed. Carol J. Pierce Colfer (Earthscan Publications., London, UK, 2008; 352 pp; hb $127, £65)

To The Brink: The State of Democracy in South Africa by Xolela Mangcu (University Of KwaZulu/Natal Press, Durban, South Africa, 2008; 208 pp; pb £24.99)

Can NGOs Make a Difference: The Challenge of Development Alternatives, eds. Anthony J. Bebbington, Samuel Hickey and Diana C. Mitiln (Zed Books, London, UK, 2007; 370 pp; pb £19.99)

South Africa in Contemporary Times by Godfrey Mwakikagile (New Africa Press, Pretoria, South Africa, 2008; 260 pp; pb $17.95)

The Economy of Ghana: Analytical Perspectives on Stability, Growth and Poverty, eds. Ernest Aryeetey and Ravi Kanbur (James Currey Publishers, Abingdon, UK, 2008; 432 pp; hb £50)

Nigeria’s Stumbling Democracy and Its Implications for Africa’s Democratic Movement by Victor Oguejiofor Okafor (Praeger Security International, Connecticut, USA, 2008; 208 pp; hb $75)

Youth in Africa’s Labor Market, eds. Marito H. Garcia and Jean Fares (World Bank Publications, Washington, DC, USA, 2008, 293 pp; pb £12.99, $20)

No-Party Democracy? Ugandan Politics in Comparative Perspective by Giovanni Carbone (Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, CO, USA, 2008; 260 pp; hb $35)

Épidémie et politique en Afrique: Maladie du sommeil et tuberculose au Cameroun by Josiane Tantchou (L’Harmattan, Paris, France, 2007;  266 pp; €24, FF157)

L’innovation pour le développement by Blandine Laperche (Karthala, Paris, France, 2008; 252 pp; €26)

The Translator: A Tribesman’s Memoir of Darfur by Daoud Hari (Random House, Inc. New York, NY, USA, 2008; 224 pp; hb $23)