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Food Systems Champion Lucy Muchoki, Kenya

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Food Systems Champion Lucy Muchoki, Kenya

The Executive Director, Pan-African Agribusiness and Agroindustry Consortium (PanAAC) has organized talks for South Africa in the SMEs region.
Franck Kuwonu
9 June 2021
Lucy Muchoki
Lucy Muchoki

How does it feel to be a United Nations Food Champion?

It's so cute! It is very satisfying to be recognized as a 'champion' because of my work. And not just any work, but something I love to do! It has made me realize that a person must thrive and continue to do what he believes and does well, with enthusiasm and diligence. Someone somewhere will consider and recognize your efforts.

Ever since I was nominated as a Food Champion, I have met different people and listened to a lot of creative, interesting ideas on how to strengthen and support our food systems. It's been a good experience. Through this selection, I have met almost everyone I needed to know in the food industry around the world.

Many of these discussions go through online meetings that are coordinated by the United Nations. There are many presentations and real creative ideas that we hold from all sides.

As an African woman, I feel honored to be among these great food champions who hold to the hopes of this continent. I see the journey that we have started well and I am more optimistic that we are on course to achieve the Declaration of Malabo [ Resolution on Growth Rapid Agriculture and Reform Welfare With Improved Ways to Search provision kunakothibitisha main mission of the African countries to allocate 10% of resources public for agriculture ].

When did you start advocating for food?

For the longest time, I have been advocating for the support and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the food industry. Africa has the potential to grow and feed itself. Our small food business is the hope of our economic transformation and development.

I have been the host of small African Community talks across the continent and have received great support from all corners. According to me, this is the greatest achievement. Through these discussions, we will find effective solutions that will address existing gaps. Africa will speak with one voice on our small business agenda.

Tell us more about the Conference on Food Systems

When you start a conversation and you have a lot of people listening to you, contributing to and supporting your proposed actions and trusting you, then you are already making a difference.

I am proud of my efforts and all those who believe in our efforts. People are committed to dialogue; they share and testify about their real experiences and look for solutions that will help their businesses move forward. They know we are talking about real solutions and so it is very important.