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Africa Books

Africa Renewal December 2019 - March 2020 Issue

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Africa Books

From Africa Renewal: 

Uncharted Territory: Land, Conflict and Humanitarian Action by Sara Pantuliano (Stylus Publishing, Virginia, USA, 2009; 256 pp; pb $31.95)

L’Afrique au secours de l’Afrique by Sanou Mbaye (L’Atelier, Ivry-sur-Seine, France, 2009; 159 pp; pb €14.90)

Dealing with Uncertainty in Contemporary African Lives, eds. Liv Haram and Bawa Yamba (Stylus Publishing, Virginia, USA, 2009; 300 pp; pb $22.95)

L’administration face au développement by Dagobert Avom Abega (L’Harmattan, Paris, France, 2008; 294 pp; €27)

L’enfant africain et ses univers by Ferdinand Ezembe (Karthala, Paris, France, 2009; 368 pp; €26)

The Roots of African Conflicts: The Causes and Costs, eds. Alfred Nhema and Paul Tiyambe Zeleza (Ohio University Press, Ohio, USA, 2008; 288 pp; pb $24.95)

The Dynamics of Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Peace Building in West Africa: Between Change and Stability by Olawale Ismail (Stylus Publishing, Virginia, USA, 2009; 50 pp; pb $12.95)

The Resolution of African Conflicts, eds. Alfred Nhema and Paul Tiyambe (Ohio University Press, Ohio, USA, 2008; 224 pp; pb $24.95)

Where Is Uhuru? Reflections on the Struggle for Democracy in Africa by Issa G. Shivji (Fahamu Books, Oxford, UK, 2009; 260 pp; pb £16.95)

Making Good Local Governance Grow by Patrick Robinson and Sara Wehrli (Stylus Publishing, Virginia, USA, 2009; 96 pp; hb $29.95)

No-Party Democracy? Ugandan Politics in Comparative Perspective by Giovanni Carbone (Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, CO, USA, 2008; 259 pp; hb $58.50)

Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet by Tim Jackson (Stylus Publishing, Virginia, USA, 2009; 160 pp; hb $22.50)

L’Afrique humiliée by Aminata Traoré (Librairie Arthème Fayard, Paris, France, 2008; 294 pp; €18)

The Business of Sustainable Development in Africa: Human Rights, Partnerships, Alternative Business Models, eds. Ralph Hamann, Stu Woolman and Courtenay Sprague (UN University Press, Tokyo, Japan, 2009; 359 pp; pb $37)

The Economy of Ghana: Analytical Perspectives on Stability, Growth and Poverty, eds. Ernest Aryeetey and Ravi Kanbur (James Currey, Abingdon, UK, 2008; 432 pp; hb £50)

Les Etats-nations face à l’intégration régionale en Afrique de l’Ouest: Le cas du Burkina Faso, ed. Seydou Oumar Kane (Karthala, Paris, France, 2008; 228 pp; €24)

Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs by Moky Makura (Penguin Books Group, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2009; 300 pp; $25.95, R220)

Les Elections générales de 2007 au Kenya, ed. Jérôme Lafargue (Karthala, Paris, France, 2008; 264 pp; €23)

Ending Aid Dependence by Yash Tandon (Fahamu Books, Oxford, UK, 2008; 164 pp; pb £9.95)

Johannesburg: The Elusive Metropolis, eds. Sarah Nuttall and Achille Mbembe (Duke University Press, Durham, NC, USA, 2008; 392 pp; pb $27.95)

Governing Africa’s Forests in a Globalized World, eds. Laura A. German, Alain Karsenty and Anne-Marie Tiani (Earth Scan Publishers, London, UK, 2009; 400 pp; hb $104)

How Africa Works: Occupational Change, Identity and Morality, ed. Deborah Bryceson (Stylus Publishing, Virginia, USA, 2009; 304 pp; pb $39.95)

Of Irony and Empire: Islam, the West and the Transcultural Invention of Africa by Laura Rice (State University of New York, NY, USA, 2008; 240 pp; pb £11.99)

Religions et Colonisation: Afrique-Asie-Océanie-Amériques XVIe-XXe siècle, eds. Dominique Borne and Benoit Falaize (L’Atelier, Ivry-sur-Seine, France, 2009; 335 pp; pb €28)



  • Africa Renewal December 2019 - March 2020 Issue

    Current Issue: December 2019 - March 2020

    Theme: Silencing the guns

    Realising a conflict-free Africa is the dream of every African. In this edition, we highlight the current hotspots; the root causes of conflicts; the various efforts in search of peaceful co-existence and development and the African Union’s quest for silencing the guns by 2020.

    Download PDF version: PDF icon A_R33_3_EN.pdf