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Africa Agenda

August - November 2019

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Africa Agenda

From Africa Renewal: 

31 January–2 February 2008, Addis-Ababa (Ethiopia) — 10th Summit of African Union Heads of State and Government. Website <>

7–9 February 2008, New Delhi (India) — World Sustainable Development Forum. Organized by the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), on the theme “Sustainable Development and Climate Change.” Tel (91) 11 24682100 / 41504900, fax (91) 11 24682144 / 24682145, e-mail <>, website <>

13–15 February 2008, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — NOVATECH, the ICT Africa Marketplace. Under the auspices of the NEPAD Council, in collaboration with Pro-Invest of the European Union. Website <>

22–23 February 2008, Berlin (Germany) — Berlin Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. Website <>

3–7 March 2008, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Science with Africa. To promote science and technology in Africa’s development, and organized by the UN Economic Commission for Africa and Intelligence in Science. Tel (251) 11 5445098, fax (251) 11 5510365, e-mail <>, website <>

4–6 March 2008, Washington DC (USA) — International Renewable Energy Conference. Organized by the American Council on Renewable Energy. Tel (1) 202 393-0001, website <>

10–12 March 2008, Cape Town (South Africa) — International Conference on Integrated Water Resources Management. Organized by the Water Research Commission of South Africa, and aimed at sharing the experiences and lessons of developing countries in integrated water resources management. Contact Elanda Botes, tel (27) 12 336 7550, fax (27) 12 328 6397, e-mail <>, website <>

10–14 March 2008, Accra (Ghana) — 2nd Global Summit on HIV/AIDS, Traditional Medicine and Indigenous Knowledge. Organized by Africa First of Minnesota, USA, in association with the Ghana Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, UNAIDS Ghana Office, Ghana AIDS Commission and Esperanza Medicines Foundation. E-mail <>, website <>

20–25 April 2008, Accra (Ghana) — UNCTAD XII. The theme for the 12th quadrennial UN Conference on Trade and Development is “Addressing the Opportunities and Challenges of Globalization for Development.” Tel (41) 22 917 5828, e-mail <>, website <>


23–25 November 2007, Kampala (Uganda) — Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Tel (256) 414-345661/257525/258252/237309, fax (256) 414-237310, e-mail <>, website <>

29–30 November 2007, Detroit, Michigan (USA) — First Annual USA-Africa International Business Conference. On the theme “Harnessing the Expertise of Business Professionals, Academicians and Government Officials for Economic Development.” Organized by Global Strategic Management Inc. Website <>

3–14 December 2007, Bali (Indonesia) — UN Climate Change Conference. Website <>

7 December 2007, Lisbon (Portugal) — EU-Africa Business Summit 2007. Seeking to re­inforce the private sector’s commitment to work with the African Union and European Union to strengthen Africa’s economic development. Website <>


  • August - November 2019

    Current Issue: August - November 2019

    Theme: Climate Change

    The effects of climate change are being felt in Africa; countries, organisations and individuals, including young people, are taking actions to tackle these effects. In this edition, we highlight some outstanding climate action initiatives by young Africans.

    Download PDF version: PDF icon AR_33_2_English.pdf