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Africa Books

Africa Renewal
From Africa Renewal: 

Africa and IMF Conditionality by Kwame Akonnor (Routledge, Abingdon, Oxford, UK, 2006; 163 pp; hb $90)

L’Ethiopie contemporaine, ed. Gérard Prunier (Karthala, Paris, France, 2007; 440 pp; €32)

Beyond the “African Tragedy”: Discourses on Development and the Global Economy, ed. Malinda S. Smith (Ashgate Publishing, Williston, Vermont, USA, 2006; 222 pp; hb $99.95)

Zimbabwe at the Crossroads by Jacob Wilson Chikuhwa (Author House, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, 2006; 197 pp; pb $9.31, hb $14.06)

Global Justice: The Politics of War Crimes Trials by Kingsley Moghalu (Praeger Publishers, Westport, CT, USA, 2006; 240 pp; hb $49.95, £28.99)

Poisoned Wells: The Dirty Politics of African Oil by Nicholas Shaxson (Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire, UK, 2007; 272 pp; hb $26.95)

Bridging the Digital Divide: Innovations Systems for ICT in Brazil, China, India, Thailand and Southern Africa, eds. Angathevar Baskaran and Mammo Muchie (Adonis and Abbey Publishers Ltd., London, UK, 2006; 256 pp; pb £22.50, $35)

La guerre civile du Congo-Brazzaville 1993-2002 : “Chacun aura sa part” by Patrice Yengo (Karthala, Paris, France, 2006; 448 pp; €29)

Brazzaville, une ville à reconstruire, ed. Robert Edmond Ziavoula (Karthala, Paris, France, 2006; 352 pp; €29)

Constructing Justice and Security after War, ed. Charles T. Call (US Institute of Peace Press, Washington, DC, USA, 2006; 428 pp; pb $24.95, hb $50)

L’Afrique de l’Ouest, entre espace, pouvoir et société – Une géographie de l’incertitude by John O. Igué (Karthala, Paris, France, 2006; 650 pp; €34)

Intellectuals and African Development: Pretension and Resistance in African Politics, eds. Björn Beckman and Gbemisola Remi Adeoti (Zed Books, London, UK, 2006; hb £65, pb £18.99)

Economic Integration and Development in Africa by Henry Kyambalesa and Mathurin C. Houngnikpo (Ashgate Publishing, Williston, Vermont, USA, 2006; 222 pp; hb $99.95)

Information and Communication Technologies for Development and Poverty Reduction: the Potential of Communications by Maximo Torero and Joachim von Braun (The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 2006; 392 pp; hb $60, pb $25.95)

Culture Postcoloniale. 1961-2006. Traces et mémoires coloniales en France, eds. Pascale Blanchard and Nicolas Bancel (Autrement, Paris, France, 2006; 288 pp; €19)

Africa’s Development in the Twenty-first Century: Pertinent Socio-Economic and Development Issues, eds. Kwadwo Konadu-Agyemang and Kwamina Panford (Ashgate Publishing, Williston, Vermont, USA, 2006; 426 pp; hb $124.95)

Beyond the Rhetoric: Essays on Africa’s Development Challenges by Chinua Akukwe (Adonis and Abbey Publishers Ltd., London, UK, 2006; 160 pp; pb £12.99, $19.95)

Globalization and Race: Transformations in the Cultural Production of Blackness by Kamari Maxine Clarke and Deborah A. Thomas (Duke University Press, Durham, North Carolina, USA, 2006; 424 pp; pb $23.95, hb $84.95)

High Stakes and Stakeholders: Oil, Conflict and Security in Nigeria by Kenneth Omeje (Ashgate Publishing, Williston, Vermont, USA, 2006; 218 pp; hb $99.95)

Communicating National Integration: Empowering Development in African Countries by Osabuohien P. Amienyi (Ashgate Publishing, Williston, Vermont, USA, 2005; 248 pp; hb $99.95)

Histoire des décolonisation au XXe siècle by Bernard Droz (Seuil, Paris, France, 2006; 404 pp; €23)

The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Criminology and Criminal Justice, ed. Mark M. Lanier (Ashgate Publishing, Williston, Vermont, USA, 2006; 378 pp; hb $225)

Remaking Law in Africa, eds. Jude Murison, Anne Griffiths and Kenneth King (Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire, UK, 2007; 256 pp; hb $65)

Implementing the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD): Challenges and the Path to Progress by S.K.B. Asante (Graphic Packaging Ltd, Accra, Ghana, 2006; 106 pp; $10)

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