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Africa Books

Africa Renewal
From Africa Renewal: 
** Please note: books are not directly available from Africa Renewal, they must be obtained directly from the publishers **

Ageing and Poverty in Africa: Ugandan Livelihoods in a Time of HIV/AIDS by Alun Williams (Ashgate Publishers, UK, 2003; 272 pp; £52.50)

Towards a Common Defence and Security Policy in the Southern African Development Community by Hussein Solomon (Africa Institute of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa, 2004; 253 pp; pb £18.95, $29.95)

Villes en guerre et guerres en ville: pratiques humanitaires en questions, ed. François Grünewald and Eric Levron (Karthala, Paris, France, 2004; 392 pp; 26 euros)

Histoire du syndicalisme en Afrique, ed. Gérard Fonteneau (Karthala, Paris, France, 2004; 176 pp; 18 euros)

Exporting in West Africa: A Practical Guide by John O. Isemede (Malthouse Press, 2003, 404 pp; pb £22.95, $41.95)

Gender Budgets Make More Cents: Country Studies and Good Practices, eds. Debbie Budlender and Guy Hewitt (Women, Ink., New York, US, 2002; 150 pp)

Managing Common Property in an Age of Globalization: Zimbabwean Experiences by Godfrey Chikowore and Manzungu Emmanuel et al (Weaver Press Ltd, 2003; 218 pp; pb £14.95, $29.95)

The Human Rights of Women: International Instruments and African Experiences (Women, Ink., New York, US, 2002; 336 pp)

Developing Smallholder Agriculture by Richard L. Tinsley (AgBé, Brussels, Belgium, 440 pp; pb $49)

Au coeur des crises nationales au Rwanda et au Burundi: la lutte pour les ressources by Marc Rwabahungu (L'Harmattan, Paris, France, and UN Research Institute for Social Development, Geneva, Switzerland, 2004; 215 pp; pb 19.50 euros)

Altermondialisation, économie et coopération internationale, ed. Louis Favreau, Gérald Larose et Abdou Salam Fall (Karthala, Paris, France, 2004; 390 pp; 28 euros)

Tapping the Sun: A Guide to Solar Water Heating by Chris Laughton (Centre for Alternative Technology, Powys, UK; 20 pp, pb £3.50)

La nouvelle Libye: Sociétés, espaces et géopolitique au lendemain de l'embargo, ed. Olivier Pliez (Karthala, Paris, France, 2004; 240 pp; 24 euros)

Multi-Habitation: Urban Housing and Everyday Life in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe by Ann Schlyter (Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Uppsala, Sweden, 2003; 55 pp; SEK100, £7.95, $12.95)

Agrarian Studies: Essays on Agrarian Relations in Less-Developed Countries, ed. V.K. Ramachandran and Mandhura Swaminathan (Zed Books, London, UK, 2003; 600 pp; pb £19.95, $29.50; hb £55.00, $75.00)

Contes des sages d'Afrique by Amadou Hampâté Bâ, (Seuil, Paris, France, 2004; 182 pp; 15 euros)

Ethiopia since the Derg: A Decade of Democratic Pretension and Performance, eds. Siegfried Pausewang, Kjetil Tronvoll and Lovise Aalen (Zed Books, London, UK, 2003; 288 pp; pb £16.95, $29.95; hb £45.00, $75.00)

Popularization of Science and Technology from Africa, eds. Mike Savage and Prem Naidoo (Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK, 2002; 267 pp; pb £13.90)

Private and Public Sectors: Towards a Balance, African Development Perspectives Yearbook Vol. 10, eds. Karl Wohlmuth, Achim Gutowski et al (LIT Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2004; 736 pp; pb euros 69.90)

Reconstructing Health Services: Experiences of Health Care Reform in a Changing Policy Environment, ed. Kasturi Sen (Zed Books, London, UK, 2003; 256 pp; pb £14.95, $22.50; hb £45.00, $55.00)

Reinventing Order in Congo: How People Respond to State Failure in Kinshasa, ed. Theodore Trefon (Zed Books, London, UK, 2004; 240 pp; pb £17.95, $22.5; hb £50, $75)

Interventions in Smallholder Agriculture: Implications for Extension in Zimbabwe by Alex Bolding, Jeff Mutimba et al (University of Zimbabwe, Harare, 2004; 351 pp; pb £17.95, $34.95)

The Impact of HIV-AIDS on African Economies by Fred Ahwireng-Obeng and George Akussah (Africa Institute of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa, 2003; 84 pp; pb £11.95, $23.95)

The Road to A New Africa: An Essay to the African People by Papa Yalae (Random House Ventures, New York, US, 2003; 657 pp; pb $24.64)

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