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Africa Renewal: May 2013


Africa Watch

Malian children face education crisis

Africa Wired

Kenya pushes technology into overdrive


Counterfeit drugs raise Africa’s temperature

Profits too high, penalties too low to stop crime

Somali diaspora’s remittances cast a lifeline

Interview with a money transfer chief executive

What does the ‘Doha Climate Gateway’ mean for Africa?

Not nearly enough, given the continent’s vulnerability

Nigeria’s film industry: a potential gold mine?

With more than a million people, Nollywood is the country’s second largest employer

Africa's Youth

Africa’s youth: a “ticking time bomb” or an opportunity?

Leaders awakening to the need for job-creation programmes

Africa’s greatest assets are its young people

Interview with Ahmad Alhendawi, UN youth envoy

Africa’s mobile youth drive change

Cell phones reshape youth cultures

A seat at the table

African youth demand a say in decision making