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Africa Renewal: January 2013

Cover Story

China in the heart of Africa

Opportunities and pitfalls in a rapidly expanding relationship


Stabilizing Somalia: a new chapter begins

A “make or break” point for the country’s new leaders

What went wrong? Lessons from Malawi’s food crisis

Autocracy and aid dependency killed an agriculture success story

Africa’s food policy needs sharper teeth

Good intentions alone are not enough

Ghana’s ‘new path’ for handling oil revenue

Seeking to avoid the ill effects of Africa’s resource “curse”

Politics of succession: coping when leaders die

To avoid chaos, countries must follow constitutional procedures

After Africa’s wars, a ‘new day’ for building peace

UN's Judy Cheng-Hopkins on peacebuilding work in Africa

‘Ensure that everyone benefits from economic gains’

Interview with Maged Abdelaziz, UN special adviser on Africa


Africa Watch

For better quality education in Africa
Health Campaign