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Africa Renewal: February 2022

UN Affairs


South Africa’s mRNA hub progress is foundation for self-reliance

It will ensure Africa has the production capacity essential for equitable vaccine rollout
World Health Organization

Free Trade Area

Celebrating African podcasting and storytelling

Africa Renewal Podcast launched to highlight issues pertinent to the continent


L'Afrique en bonne voie pour maîtriser la pandémie de COVID-19 en 2022

Africa on track to control COVID-19 pandemic in 2022

Since the start of the pandemic, the continent’s capacity to manage COVID-19 cases has gradually improved.
World Health Organization

Resistance to antibiotics and other drugs a global concern

Labeling of drugs, prescriptions could help curb Africa’s antimicrobial resistance

Climate Change

Road to COP27: Voices of change

Young Africans speak up on climate action

Human Rights

COVID-19: Vaccinating stateless people in South Africa

Having no nationality of any country, this group is often left out of essential services

Culture and Education

Africa Renewal Podcast launches on Africa Podcast Day, 12 February

New podcast focuses on stories of people working on solutions and advancing hope in Africa.

Economic Development

Africa and Europe: A time for Action

We should not lose this opportunity for a recovery and reset of our relationship and our economies


Trucks loaded with goods waiting for weeks to cross the Côte d’Ivoire-Ghana borders at Elubo/Noe.

Decade of Action: Fixing Africa’s development deficit

A shift in ideology, building on COVID-19 recovery and leveraging the SDG agenda can help

Peace and Security

Health Campaign