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Africa Renewal: February 2003

Cover Story


Child sitting amidst sacks of relief grain in Lesotho: Emergency aid is vital, but “just shipping in food is not enough,” says UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan: Poverty and other causes of famine must also be addressed.  Photograph: WFP / R. Lee

Famine spreads across Africa

With 38 million facing starvation, “business as usual will not do”
Zambia's withered grain fields: Does genetically modified relief food pose health risks?   Photo: ©WFP / Brenda Barton

Controversy rages over 'GM' food aid

Zambia, citing health concerns, bars genetically modified grain
Unemployed line up for jobs in Tanzania: Not many PRSPs explicitly address job creation.   Photo: ©UN / Betty Press

A new anti-poverty remedy for Africa?

Adjustment policies weaken PRSP goals, critics charge