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Africa Renewal: December 2011

Cover Story

Rebels in Sierra Leone: small arms not only take many lives, but also exact a heavy toll on African societies and economies. Photo: ©Impact Visuals / Teun Voeten

Small arms in Africa

Counting the cost of gun violence

‘In 10 years, NEPAD has achieved a lot’

Ibrahim Mayaki, head of Africa’s partnership initiative


Social media for a social cause

Leading by example, Kenyans mobilize support for drought victims

Africa’s famine response — too little, perhaps too late

‘Africa should not wait’ for others to act

Millennium Villages: a lasting impact?

Aid promotes rapid gains, but dependence may be hard to break

Dialing for cash: mobile transfers expand banking

In Africa, cross-border remittances by phone overcome bank limits

NEPAD at 10

‘A common vision for agriculture-led growth’

NEPAD adds value to Africa’s farming sector, says Glenn Denning

NEPAD on the ground

Concrete action in five key areas

‘Peer pressure can be powerful’

Interview with Amos Sawyer, African Peer Review Mechanism