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Africa Renewal: August - November 2017

Cover Story

Henri Konan Bédié Bridge in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Photo: Bouygues Construction

Partnerships giving Africa a new look

Private sector working with governments to fund mega development projects

Partnerships for Development

The Tanger-Med port located about 40 km east of Tangier, Morocco. Photo: Bouygues Construction

Partnerships provide a lifeline for cash-strapped countries

Governments reforming to woo private capital
BMW South Africa announces the production of its one-millionth BMW 3 Series sedan at its manufacturing plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria in South Africa. Photo: BMW Group

Global companies give Africa a second look

South Africa hosts most of the top companies in Africa, but other countries are coming up
Chef and owner of a restaurant and catering company in Liberia. Photo: UN/ C. Herwig

Alternative financing strategies to boost small businesses in Africa

Essential small and medium-size enterprises need funding
Ecobank in Kumasi, Ghana. Photo: Banku

An integrated Africa: A boon to the private sector

Intra-African trade can help boost profit
Tristate Heart and Vascular Centre in Nigeria. Photo: Tristate Heart and Vascular Centre

Philanthropists join forces to fund Africa’s cash-strapped health sector

Billionaires Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote come together to fund health care projects
Henri Konan Bédié Bridge linking the north and south of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Photo: Bouygues Construction

Partnerships at work in Africa

SDGs envisage that PPPs can promote sustainable development in Africa


Lise Kingo (centre), Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact  at the UN Global Compact Board Meeting in New York, USA. Photo: UN Global Compact

Private sector’s role in implementing SDGs

UN Global Compact: Building networks with public-private partnerships worldwide


Africab service in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Photo: Africab

Africa’s app-based taxis battle Uber over market share

Local techies are tailoring products and services to suit customers in cities
Travellers boarding a jet, South Africa’s first budget airline, at Durban International Airport. Photo: AMO/David Larsen

African airlines wait for open skies

African airlines must solve problems on their way to profitability


Launch of the African Women Leaders Network in New York. Photo: UN Photos

More women in politics

Still a man’s business despite notable successes


Dried-up riverbed outside Ougadougou, Burkina Faso. Photo: UN Photo/Kay Muldoon

The new face of the Sahel

Grassroots initiatives promote changes in livelihoods


Children attend a class at the Deari elementary school in Eritrea. Photo: Panos/Giacomo Pirozzi

Private schools gain a foothold in Africa

Experts wary over corporate takeover of education in sub-Saharan Africa


Young men using computers in a cybercafe in Cairo, Egypt, where Khaled (Jaled) Said, a 28-year-old blogger, was arrested and beaten to death by police in 2010. Later, 400,000 people joined the ‘We’re all Khaled Said’ campaign on Facebook is considered one

Uproar over Internet shutdowns

Governments cite incitements to violence, exam cheating and hate speech
Health Campaign