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Africa Renewal: April 2016

Cover Story

A model of the future Kigali City. An ambitious Kigali development master plan aims to turn the city into the ‘Singapore of Africa’. Panos/Sven Torfinn

Africa’s cities of the future

Proper planning key to sustainable cities


Focus on Cities

An artist impression (in the background) of a forthcoming shopping and office complex. Photo: Panos/Sven Torfinn

Kigali sparkles on the hills

Rwandan government implements an ambitious development master plan
Lagos Island from Apogbon, overlooking Apapa Wharf Sea Port. Photo: Africa Media Online/Ademola Akinlabi

Lagos now wears a new look

City transforming from chaos of traffic congestion, rickety buses and pickpockets
Aerial view of the district of Plateau in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Photo: UN Photo/Basile Zoma

Abidjan regains its glamour

Spurred by Côte d’Ivoire’s current economic growth, the city is turning a corner


Scorpio R. Khoury, the 26-year old Rwandese, owner of fashion house ‘Made in Kigali’. Photo: Panos/Sven Torfinn

Africa looks to its entrepreneurs

A useful strategy in the toolbox to reduce youth unemployment
Mr. Thabo Mbeki (middle) led a High-Level Panel on IFF to    the United States. Photo:  Africa Renewal/Paddy Ilos

Mbeki panel ramps up war against illicit financial flows

Tax evasion by multinational companies, drug trafficking, smuggling, bribery and embezzlement are the main conduits
Japan’s senior vice-minister of agriculture, forestry and fish eries Taku Eto tries out a Japanese-made tilling machine in Cameroon.  Photo: The Government of Japan

Boost in Japan-Africa ties

Japan is increasingly eager to support Africa’s transformation
A farmer measuring the thickness of a bamboo tree in Madagascar. Photo: INBAR/Lou Yiping

Bamboo: Africa’s untapped potential

The new economic force is generating income, creating jobs and protecting the environment
The world’s largest solar power plant in Morocco will eventually provide 1.1 million people with electricity.  Photo: World Bank/Dana Smillie

Harvesting the sun

Scaling up solar power to meet Africa’s energy needs
A building under construction in Ouagadougou. Photo: Ernest Harsch

A new Burkina Faso in the making

A new agenda of democractic and economic changes
A guest is checked with a metal detector at the entrance of a hotel in Yaounde, Cameroon. Photo: Panapress/Jean-Pierre Kepseu

Terrorism overshadows internal conflicts

As African countries scramble for solutions
Somalis prepare coffee for customers in a  Mogadishu  restaurant. Photo: AP Photo/Farah Abdi Warsameh

Somalia rising from the ashes

“Incredible progress” noted by the IMF
People walk inside the recently opened Peace Garden, in Hamar jajab district of Mogadishu, Somalia. Photo: UN Photo/Ilyas Ahmed

From strife to revival, Mogadishu holds hopes and dreams

The Somali capital is in recovery mode despite many challenges
Health Campaign