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Africa Renewal: April 2014

Cover Story

Africa flies on a wing and a prayer

Air transport reforms needed to unlock full potential



Slow but steady walk to democracy

Despite challenges, Mauritania’s democracy spreads

Central African Republic: killings in the time of transition

Peace eludes a nation in a rocky political transition

Rising from the ashes

Twenty years after genocide, Rwanda makes huge development strides

Big dreams for Rwanda’s ICT sector

Success story is grabbing global attention

Rwanda remembers

How private groups and government try to heal the wounds of genocide

Hunting for Eurobonds

Views split on sub-Saharan Africa’s debut in the international markets


On bumpy roads and rails

Unprecedented investments in Africa’s ground transportation are hardly enough

Internet access is no longer a luxury

Fibre-optics could leap-frog Africa into the future

Light at the end of the tunnel

Much ado over Africa’s power sector

No longer a curse?

African leaders take action that could transform the mining sector
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