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Africa Renewal: April 2011

Special Feature

Africa's rising information economy

In many countries, the ICT sector is no longer marginal

Information technology super-charging Rwanda's economy

Country aspires to become a regional high-tech hub


Climate talks: A faint ray of sunshine in Cancun

But storm clouds loom for efforts to protect Africa's environment

Drop by drop, Kenyans struggle with climate change

Communities develop alternatives to secure precious water

Investing in Africa's farms — and its future

NEPAD encourages more spending on agricultural production

"The starting point of development should be the people"

Interview with labour leader Kwasi Adu-Amankwah

In a turbulent world, diversity vital for African economies

OSAA-OECD-NEPAD study flags strong government policies and private sector promotion

Cover Story

Foreign investors eye African consumers

Beyond minerals, sales and services are drawing more interest
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