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Africa Renewal: April 2010

Cover Story

Young Africans put technology to new uses

Kenyan software a tool for political participation


Millennium Development Goals: time to step up

Some progress in Africa, but more is needed, argues UN Secretary-General

Africa’s displaced people: out of the shadows

African Union convention breaks new ground, but challenges await

Even with peace, Liberia’s women struggle

A conversation with activist Leymah Gbowee

Africa defends democratic rule

“Zero tolerance” for coups, constitutional violations

‘Stability is based on democracy’

Interview with Said Djinnit, UN representative on West Africa

A ‘crisis in waiting’ for AIDS patients

Trade rules will make it harder to get cheap generic medicines

Africa’s disabled will not be forgotten

People with disabilities fight for services, rights, dignity

Africans extend solidarity to Haiti

Money, food and medicines from “mother Africa” to her diaspora
Health Campaign