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Africa Books

Africa Renewal
From Africa Renewal: 


Financing for Development: Proposals from Business and Civil Society, eds. Barry Herman, Federica Pietracci and Krishnan Sharma (UN University, 2002; 152 pp; pb $16.50)

Dealing With Conflict in Africa: The United Nations and Regional Organizations by Jane Boulden (Palgrave Macmillan Ltd, New York, 2003; 284 pp; hb £35.00)

WTO: The Doha Agenda: The New Negotiations on World Trade by Bhagirath Lal Das (Zed Books London, 2002; hb £39.95 $49.95; pb £12.95 $17.50)

Women and Land in Africa: Culture, Religion and Realizing Women's Rights, ed. L. Muthoni Wanyeki (Zed Books, London, 2002; hb £55 $75; pb £16.95 $27.50)

Aid: Understanding International Development Cooperation by John Degnbol-Martinussen and Poul Engberg-Pedersen (Zed Books, London, 2002; hb £55 $75; pb £16.95 $27.50)

Une alternative paysanne à la mondialisation néoliberale (CETIM ­ Centre Europe ­ Tiers monde, Geneva, Switzerland, 2002; 256 pp; pb 7.50 euros)

Governing Globalization: Issues and Institutions, ed. Deepak Nayyar (Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 2002; 412 pp; pb £19.99; hb £55)

Continent of Mothers, Continent of Hope: Understanding and Promoting Development in Africa Today by Torild Skard (Zed Books, London, 2002; hb £45 $65; pb £14.95 $22.50)

Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa: Miracle or Model? by Lyn S. Graybill (Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, CO, US, 2002; 231 pp; pb $49.95; hb $19.95)

From Cape to Congo: Southern Africa's Evolving Security Challenges, eds. Mwesiga Baregu and Christopher Landsberg (Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, CO, US, 2003; 400 pp; pb $55; hb $22)

Mondialisation et sociétés rurales en Méditerranée, ed. Mohamed Elloumi (Les Editions Karthala, Paris, 2002; 530 pp; 30 euros)

Africa's Stalled Development: International Causes and Cures by David K. Leonard and Scott Straus (Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, CO, US, 2003; 159 pp; pb $17.95; hb $42)

The Paradox of Wealth and Poverty: Mapping the Ethical Dilemmas of Global Development by Daniel Little (Westview Press, Boulder, CO, US, 2003; 304 pp; pb $25.00; hb $80; £15.99)

This House Has Fallen: Nigeria in Crisis by Karl Maier (Westview Press, Boulder, CO, US, 2002; 368 pp; pb $18; £12.99)

Africa's Reintegration into the World Economy. African Development Perspectives Yearbook 2000/2001, ed. by Karl Wohlmuth et al. (LIT Verlag, Munich, Germany, and Transaction Publishers, Piscataway, NJ, 2001; 913 pp.)

This ambitious, two-volume study is the latest entry in the series of African development yearbooks compiled and editted by a team of researchers at Germany's University of Bremen. This work, volume 8 of the overall series, looks in great detail at Africa's prospects and challenges in responding to the current trend toward globalization. It includes analytical essays on Africa's global competitiveness, export prospects, investment trends, technology acquisition and experiences towards regional integration within Africa. There also are numerous country case studies (Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Libya, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa and others). In addition, the collection includes reports on policy changes in Africa, the impact of globalization on local communities and social groups (especially women), book reviews and important documents from African organizations.

Information on ordering Africa's Reintegration into the World Economy can be obtained by e-mailing <> or, in North America, by phoning Transaction Publishers (1-732) 445-2280 or (1-888) 999-6778.