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August - November 2019

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Africa Agenda

From Africa Renewal: 

25–26 Jan 2011 Johannesburg (South Africa) — Green Power Conference. A platform for the industry to debate the outcome of the World Climate Summit in Cancun and propose how Africa can participate in the global carbon market. Email <>, website <>.

25–31 Jan 2011 Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Africa Union Summit. On the theme "Towards greater unity and integration through shared values." Contact Mr. El Ghassim Wane, tel: + 251 11 551 7700, email <>, website <>.

6–11 Feb 2011 Dakar (Senegal) — World Social Forum. The premier gathering of the world's civil society and non-governmental organizations. Website <>.

16–18 Feb 2011 Brussels (Belgium) — Arab-African Crans Montana Forum. Top decision makers will focus on the role of Europe and the Mediterranean and the challenges of Arab-African cooperation. Tel: +377 9770 7000, fax: +377 9770 7040, email <>, website <>.

23–25 Mar 2011 Abuja (Nigeria) — 2011 Conference on Financial Services in Africa. Academics and professionals of the financial services sector will discuss the challenges of the financial crisis. Contact Professor Chiaku Chukwuogor, email <>, website <>.

4–6 Apr 2011 London (United Kingdom) — Africa Gas Summit. Contact Laurence Coldicott, tel: + 020 7827 5970, fax: + 020 7242 1508, email <>, website <>.

7–10 Apr 2011 Johannesburg (South Africa) — Africa's Future Education. Endorsed by the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) in partnership with Education Southern Africa and Proverty Educational publishers. Contact Andriette Ferreira, tel: +27 11 256 3600, email <>, website <>.

What has taken place

1–2 Dec 2010 Tunis (Tunisia) — Public Private Partnership Africa Conference. A platform for stakeholders to promote infrastructure development. Organized by Africa and Middle East Trade Ltd. Contact Laura Sitzia, tel: + 44 207 700 4857, email <>, website <>.

4–5 Dec 2010 Cancun (Mexico) — World Climate Summit. Organized by the United Nations as a follow-up to the last climate change conference in Copenhagen in December 2009, with a focus on the future commitments of industrialized countries under the Kyoto Protocol governing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the needs of developing countries for adapting to changes in the earth's climate. Contact Jens Nielsen, tel: + 45 33 88 5150, email <>, website <>.


  • August - November 2019

    Current Issue: August - November 2019

    Theme: Climate Change

    The effects of climate change are being felt in Africa; countries, organisations and individuals, including young people, are taking actions to tackle these effects. In this edition, we highlight some outstanding climate action initiatives by young Africans.

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