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Africa Books

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Africa Books

From Africa Renewal: 
** Please note: books are not directly available from Africa Renewal,
they must be obtained directly from the publishers **

New Narratives of Women, Security and Governance in Africa, eds. Awino Okech and 'Funmi Olonisakin (Pambazuka Press, Oxford, UK, 2010; 240 pp; pb £16.95)

La résolution des conflits frontaliers en Afrique by Abakar Tollimi (L’Harmattan, Paris, France, 2010; 250 pp; pb €23)

Climate Wars: the Fight for Survival as the World Overheats by Gwynne Dyer (Oneworld Publications, London, UK, 2010; 288 pp; pb £12.99)

Borders and Borderlands as Resources in the Horn of Africa, eds. Dereje Feyissa and Markus Virgil Hoehne (James Currey, Abingdon, UK, 2010; 224 pp; hb $90)

Démocratie et développement au Congo-Kinshasa by Dieudonné Kaluba Dibwa (L’Harmattan, Paris, France, 2010; 178 pp; pb €18)

Africa's World War: Congo, the Rwandan Genocide and the Making of a Continental Catastrophe by Gerard Prunier (Oxford University Press, Northhampshire, UK, 2010; 576 pp; hb $27.95)

Encyclopedia of Africa, eds. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Kwame Anthony Appiah (Oxford University Press, New York, USA, 2010; 1,184 pp; hb £175)

Logiques paysannes et espaces agraires en Afrique by Koffi Atta and Pierre T. Zoungrana (Karthala, Paris, France, 2010; 384 pp; pb €29)

African Crises and Social Protest, eds. Patrick Bond, Eunice Sahle, Khadija Sharife and Jessie Lazar (Pambazuka Press, Oxford, UK, 2010; 150 pp; pb £12.95)

The Curse of Berlin: Africa after the Cold War by Adekeye Adebajo (Columbia University Press, New York, USA, 2010; 384 pp; hb $50)

Trustee for the Human Community: Ralph J. Bunche, the UN and the Decolonization of Africa, eds. Robert A. Hill and Edmond J. Keller (Ohio University Press, Athens, USA, 2010; 264 pp; hb $59.95)

Frontières, espaces de développement partagé by John O. Igue and Kossiwa Zinsou-Klassou (Karthala, Paris, France, 2010; 216 pp; pb €22)

Decentralization in Uganda: Explaining Successes and Failures in Local Governance by Gina M.S. Lambright (Lynne Reinner, Boulder, USA, 2010; 300 pp; hb $69.95)

The Lord's Resistance Army: Myth and Reality by Tim Allen and Koen Vlassenroot (Zed Books, London, UK, 2010; 288 pp; hb £70)

Les stratégies de lutte contre la pauvreté en Afrique subsaharienne : de l'échec des politiques néolibérales aux alternatives potentielles by Jebril Ould Mahmoud (L’Harmattan, Paris, France, 2010; 332 pp; €29.50)

Disarming the Past: Transitional Justice and Ex-Combatants, eds. by Anna Cutter Patel, Pablo de Greiff and Lars Waldorf (Social Science Research Council, New York, USA, 2010; 288 pp; hb $30)

Echanges et réseaux marchands en Afrique by Tijani A. Malam Moussa, Bio Goura Soule and Alix Servais Afouda (Karthala, Paris, France, 2010; 204 pp; pb €22)

After the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Sudan, ed. Elke Grawert (James Currey, Abingdon, UK, 2010; 288 pp; hb $75)