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Paix et sécurité

  • A young girl cooks in a rural village in Ethiopia, where the land has been affected by recurrent droughts.
  • Paul Alain Mouafo
  • UNAMID peacekeepers provide protection to local women in Aurokuom village farming area south Zalingei, Central Darfur.
  • A displaced family from a village in Mali was relocated to a former school.
  • —Bience Gawanas, Under Secretary-General and Special Adviser on Africa
    —Bience Gawanas, Secrétaire générale adjointe et conseillère spéciale pour l’Afrique
  • Armed Turkana herdsmen guard their livestock at a watering hole at Oropoyi, in Kenya’s north western district of Turkana. Armed raids and cattle rustling over water and pasture sites are common among communities in parts of Uganda, Kenya, Sudan and Ethiop
    Les communautés locales en quête d’une paix durable
  • Ambassador Mamman Nuhu is the Executive Secretary of the Lake Chad Basin Commission
    —Mamman Nuhu, Secrétaire exécutif de la Commission du bassin du lac Tchad
  • An area that used to be on the edge of Lake Chad. The drying lake has exacerbated suffering for millions.
    L’insécurité alimentaire, les conflits internes, le terrorisme, les déplacements de population posent de sérieux défis
  • Liberian women marching through the streets of Monrovia agitating for peace.
    Elles soutiennent et favorisent l’épanouissement social
  • Former Al Shabaab combatants attend their graduation ceremony at Baidoa Rehabilitation Center, Somalia on 20 June 2019.          UN Photo
    Il faut émanciper les jeunes pour assurer le succès des alternatives pacifiques