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UN and Africa: focus on South Sudan, FGM and Burundi journalists

UN and Africa: focus on South Sudan, FGM and Burundi journalists

An internally displaced woman cooks her last supply of sorghum. Photo: FAO South Sudan

Efforts underway to provide isolated South Sudanese with food

Efforts are being made by the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in South Sudan to reach people in isolated areas who are said to be on the "brink of catastrophe.” Nearly three million people, or roughly a quarter of the population, require food assistance; around 40,000 are in areas to which UN agencies have been unable to deliver aid. Tim Irwin works for UNICEF in South Sudan. Sebit William asked him how concerned the agency is.

Pain of genital cutting remains with Kenyan activist

A Kenyan woman who was subjected to female genital mutilation or cutting has described how the pain of the experience has remained with her into adulthood. The practice also known as FGM is considered by the United Nations as a violation of the rights of women and girls. The UN estimates there are some 200 million FGM survivors around the world today. Keziah Bianca Oseko, who was cut as a young girl has been attending an event at UN headquarters to mark the International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM. She's been speaking to Joseph Mmali.

Exiled Burundi journalists keep radio news alive via social media

Burundi journalists in exile are continuing to cover the crisis in the troubled country using social media and mobile messaging apps. Independent radio stations in the East African nation were shut down by the authorities following a military coup attempt in May 2015. A political crisis in the country erupted early in April following the President's decision to run for a contested third term. Alexandre Niyungeko, President of the Union of Burundi journalists spoke to Jocelyne Sambira about the importance of keeping the public informed.

Presenter: Jocelyne Sambira
Production Assistant: Ana Carmo
Duration: 10'00″