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Addis deal sealed

Jocelyne Sambira

Addis deal sealed

A Global Development Partnership deal sealed between rich and poor nations in Addis was formally adopted Thursday in a room packed with participants from all over the globe. Cell phones were out and lights were flashing as people tried to capture the moment.

"We've opened the doors and now we can run through them," Amina Mohamed, the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on Post-2015 Development Planning told reporters on the last day of the financing conference.

17 new development goals were agreed on in what the UN has called a "historic agreement". It’s a step towards ending global poverty and preserving our planet by devising strategies to unlock financing for key areas such as technology, trade, capacity building and more.

Some of the delegates remarked that the Addis Ababa Action Agenda was "too vast and too ambitious."

Ms. Mohamed noted, "This is a much harder journey than what you have seen." But she expressed her pleasure with the outcome of the meeting.

In the closing statements, the South African chair of the Group of 77 and China recalled that the negotiations were long and protracted, referring to the heated debates over the global tax system and trade. He expressed appreciation though that "after many sleepless nights", progress has been achieved. He added, however, that there were still many sticking points and called the conference part of an "ongoing process".

All in all, this agreement or what the negotiators refer to as framework or action agenda is a now a done deal. And as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon promised repeatedly, the agreement intended to "leave no one behind".

This agenda is also expected to be the foundation on which the global sustainable development agenda, to be debated in New York in September, will be built. 

One of the issues debated that matters most to me is youth unemployment. With many jobless graduates in my family and circle of friends, it's a topic that I will be watching closely.