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Youth Visioning for Island Living Art Contest

Aftershocks Online Exhibition

WSIS Poster Contest

Model UN Headquarters

Model UNEverything you need to know: what it is, how to start a club, and how to get ready for the world's most fascinating simulation. FAQs, tips, links, and forums.

 Voices of Youth   outside link

UNICEF's bulletin board, especially for students. Speak your mind on world issues!

Get Involved

 Pumped Up for Peace   

Join the effort to help a community in the Amazon rainforest gain access to safe drinking water. Forums now available.


Stand Up Contests

Read the winning essays from STAND UP Writing Contest and STAND UP Web Editor Contest.

Human Rights Day Writing Contest

Read the winning essays and honourable mentions from the 2006 Human Rights Day writing contest.

Youth Visioning for Island Living-Art Contest

View the participating and winning entries of the Youth Visioning for Island Living Art Contest.

Aftershocks Online Exhibition

Artwork and journals by young Bosnian war survivors and NYC children who witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Center.

WSIS Poster Contest

Poster Contest for the Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). View the winning entries along with those that received an honourable mention.

 On Being Myself 

The stories of ten young people living in Denmark as ethnic minorities.

 Pictures of Peace 

Students' illustrations accompanying our Peace Poem, one of the most collaborative Internet school projects ever.

 Cities of the World 

An exhibit of artwork by students around the world, inspired by our Cities curriculum.

 UN Staff Photography 

The world as seen through the lenses of UN staff photographers.

 Peace Flag Project 

What would a world peace flag look like? See a few of the ones we got in the mail.

past events
Student Conference on Human Rights
Migration and Development
29 November - 1 December, 2006
International Day of Peace
21 September, 2006
Remembrance and Beyond
Commemorating the Holocaust
27 January, 2006

Student Conference on Human Rights
Water as a Human Right
2 December, 2005
International Day of Peace
21 September, 2005
World Environment Day
Green Cities
5 June, 2005

The Year in Review 2004
Peace Boat
Follow the Peace Boat on its 46th voyage
Student Conference on Human Rights
3 December, 2004
International Day of Peace
Peace through sports
21 September, 2004
World Environment Day
Wanted! Seas and Oceans, dead or alive?
5 June, 2004
Earth Day
20 March, 2004

The Year in Review 2003
World Summit Event for Schools
International Peace Day 2003 Student Conference on Human Rights
5 December, 2003
International Day for Tolerance
17 November, 2003
International Day of Peace
19 September, 2003

World Environment Day
Water: Two billion people are dying for it
5 June, 2003

World Health Day
7 April, 2003

International Women's Day
8 March, 2003

UN Literacy Decade

International Year of Freshwater

Student Conference on Human Rights 2002 Student Conference on Human Rights
6th of December 2002
World Food Day 2002 World Food Day
16th of October 2002
International Day of Peace International Day of Peace
21st of September 2002

International Literacy Day
8th of September 2002

World Environment Day
5th of June 2002

more past events