1. UNSCOM has uncovered significant undeclared proscribed weapons programmes, destroyed elements of these programmes so far identified, including equipment, facilities and materials, and has been attempting to map out and verify the full extent of these programmes in the face of Iraq's serious efforts to deceive and conceal. UNSCOM also continues to try to verify Iraq's illegal unilateral destruction activities. The investigation of such undeclared activities is crucial to the verification of Iraq's declarations on its proscribed weapons programmes.

2. Examples of what has been uncovered since 1991 include: the existence of Iraq's offensive biological warfare programme; the chemical nerve agent VX and other advanced chemical weapons capabilities; and Iraq's indigenous production of proscribed missiles engines. Following these discoveries, UNSCOM has directed and supervised the destruction or rendering harmless of several identified facilities and large quantities of equipment for the production of chemical and biological weapons as well as proscribed long-range missiles.

3. UNSCOM has supervised the destruction of the following proscribed items.



- 48 operational long-range missiles

- 14 conventional missile warheads

- 6 operational mobile launchers

- 28 operational fixed launch pads

- 32 fixed launch pads (under construction)

- 30 missile chemical warheads

- other missile support equipment and materials

- supervision of the destruction of a variety of assembled and non-

assembled "super-gun" components



- 38,537 filled and empty chemical munitions

- 690 tonnes of chemical weapons agent

- more than 3,000 tonnes of precursors chemicals

- 426 pieces of chemical weapons production equipment

- 91 pieces of related analytical instruments



- the entire Al-Hakam, the main biological weapons production facility

- a variety of biological weapons production equipment and materials

March 1998