UNMOVIC Documents

UNMOVIC was created through the adoption of Security Council resolution 1284 in December 1999. One of the first requirements was the appointment of an Executive Chairman and a College of Commissioners. The Executive Chairman was appointed in January 2000. The Commissioners were appointed in March 2000. One of the first tasks of the Executive Chairman was to draw up an organizational plan for UNMOVIC. This was submitted to the Security Council on 6 April and approved on 14 April 2000. The Commission produced its first report on the implementation of its mandate on 1 June 2000. It reports quarterly to the Security Council.

Thirteenth Quarterly Report 
UN document S/2003/580 (2003) of 30 May 2003

Twelfth Quarterly Report 
UN document S/2003/232 (2003) of 28 February  2003

Resolution 1284, creating UNMOVIC 
UN document S/RES/1284 (1999) of 17 December 1999

Resolution 1441
UN document S/RES/1441 (2002) of 8 November 2002

UN Secretary-General's nomination of Dr. Blix to serve as Executive Chairman 
S/2000/60 of  27 January 2000

Security Council approval of Chairman's nomination  
S/2000/61 of 27 January 2000

UN Secretary-General's appointment of UNMOVIC Commissioners 
S/2000/207 of 10 March 2000

UNMOVIC organizational plan 
S/2000/292 of 6 April 2000

Security Council approval of UNMOVIC organizational plan 
S/2000/311 of 13 April 2000

First quarterly report 
S/2000/516 of 1 June 2000

Second quarterly report 
S/2000/835 of 28 August 2000

Third quarterly report 
S/2000/1134 of 1 December 2000

Fourth quarterly report   
S/2001/177 of 27 February 2001

Fifth quarterly report   
S/2001/515 of 24 May 2001

Sixth quarterly report   
S/2001/833 of 30 August 2001

Seventh quarterly report
S/2001/1126 of 29 November 2001

Eighth quarterly report
S/2002/195 of 1 March 2002

Ninth quarterly report
S/2002/606 of 31 May 2002

Tenth quarterly report
S/2002/981 of 3 September 2002

Eleventh quarterly report
S/2002/1303 of 27 November 2002

Twelfth quarterly report
S/2003/232 of 28 February 2003



Other UN Documents

In addition to Security Council resolution 1284 of 1999, which established the Commission, UNMOVIC draws its mandate from a number of other UN Security Council resolutions and other UN documents, plans, reports and correspondence . The main texts are:

Resolution 687
S/RES/687 of 8 April 1991

The exchange of letters between the UN and Iraq - governing the rights of UNSCOM
May 1991

Resolution 707 
S/RES/707 of 15 August 1991

Resolution 715
S/RES/715 of 11 October 1991

The Monitoring Plan 
S/22871/Rev.1 of 2 October 1991

Resolution 1051
S/RES/1051 of 27 March 1996

The export/import monitoring mechanism   
S/1995/1017 of 7 December 1995 

Resolution 1409
S/RES/1409 of 15 May 2002 - resolution adopting the Goods Review List (GRL) and procedures for its application

The  "Amorim report" 
(panel concerning disarmament and future ongoing monitoring and verification issues) 
S/1999/356 of 27 March 1999 

Notes on a meeting between Hussein Kamal and UNSCOM and IAEA

Other relevant documents, particularly reports and assessments of UNMOVIC's predecessor, UNSCOM, 
are available from the documents section of the UNSCOM website