Third UN Technology Fair

The third UN Technology Fair took place on 23 and 24 October 2017 in the United Nations Information and Communications Technology Facility in Valencia, Spain, organized by the Department of Management and the Department of Field Support in cooperation with the Government of Spain.

USG DFS, Mr. Atul Khare, the USG DM representative, Mr. Christian Saunders, and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Spain, Mr. Ildefonso Castro, welcomed the participants and conveyed the Secretary-General’s message on the importance of technology as a vital enabler for the success of the UN Field Missions.

The Fair brought together key UN stakeholders of Headquarters and the Field, as well as UN agencies, funds and programs, and government officials, with over 90 leading companies from 20 countries with innovative products and services of application in five selected areas of technological interest for Peacekeeping Operations.

The purpose of the fair was to open the doors to engage in interactive discussions between the UN stakeholders and leading market players in the field of new and emerging technologies, and to explore their potential applications in the UN's supply chain.

As the interface between the UN and the market and as an agent of change within the UN community, the Procurement Division delivered a session on how to do business with the UN. The session was focused on providing insight on how the showcased technologies and innovative solutions can be introduced into the field operations, in order to assist the UN to execute effectively its mandate in a complex security environment in several Peacekeeping Missions.

More pictures from the fair are available here: