Request for Information

A Request for Information (RFI) is intended to provide information to all vendors of potential future requirements for goods/services for the United Nations Procurement Division. The RFI will request written information about the capabilities of vendors and prepare interested parties for participation in future solicitations.

The publication of an RFI notice does not oblige the United Nations Procurement Division to make the purchases referred to in the RFI.





RFI No. Titlesort descending Start Date Expiry Date URL
RFITP82 A web-based platform that enables accessibility professionals, webmasters, content managers, user 25 July 2016 23 August 2016 Link
RFIUNGSC93 Calibration services on environmental equipment at UNGSC, Brindisi - Italy 17 January 2017 17 February 2017 Link
RFITP89 HP TRIM – Upgrade Project 01 November 2016 15 November 2016 Link
RFIUNOG90 Mathematical programming and optimization software 17 November 2016 01 January 2017 Link
RFIVG171 Mobile Equipment Verification Solution - SAP 03 March 2016 31 March 2016 Link
RFIUNAMID78 Overhauling Services to UNAMID Generators 29 June 2016 16 July 2016 Link
RFIUNGSC83 Paint Spray Booth for UNGSC/UNLB in Brindisi, Italy 28 July 2016 31 August 2016 Link
RFIMM891 Provision and delivery of High Frequency (HF) radio equipment 17 November 2016 10 December 2016 Link
RFITS276 Provision of Business Continuity Management (BCM) application in support of UN Headquarters (UNHQ) 27 April 2016 26 May 2016 Link
RFIMI77 Provision of Health Insurance coverage for UN Observers in Columbia. 08 June 2016 14 June 2016 Link


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