Capacity Development for Women Owned Businesses


The United Nations is pleased to announce that it has partnered with WEConnect International, a global network that connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world and breaks down the barriers that prevent women owned businesses in participating in the global marketplace. The partnership includes providing capacity building training sessions to women-owned businesses.

How do I improve my business credit in the long-term? How do I pitch for funding from an investor? How do I create a capital plan to assess the feasibility of a growth strategy? How do I widen my customer base? How do I build a global brand?

These questions and many more will be answered during a series of trainings sponsored by the United Nations Office of Supply Chain Management and implemented by WEConnect International. Trainings will be provided to women-owned businesses registered as vendors with the United Nations Secretariat.

To register as a vendor with the United Nations Secretariat please go to United Nations Global Marketplace.

Once your business is registered with the United Nations Global Marketplace, we invite you to attend a range of FREE trainings, designed to address some of the most common barriers to doing business in the global marketplace!

Please note that all training will be held in English. 

July 28, 2021

Designing a Pitch and Building Resiliency During Covid-19

August 31, 2021

Building a Global Brand and Building Resiliency During Covid-19

September 21, 2021

How to Finance Your Growing Business and Building Resiliency During Covid-19

October 27, 2021

Access to Markets Covid and Building Resiliency During Covid-19

November 17, 2021

Data Management for Business and Building Resiliency During Covid-19

December 14, 2021

Building a Global Brand and Access to Markets



Design a Pitch

This training gives women-owned businesses strategies and tools that help widen its customer base. It highlights the importance of identifying decision-makers in bigger organizations and the crucial timeliness of matching sales and procurement cycles while reaching out to customers.  By the end of the training, you will be able to develop a “pitch” for your organizations and leverage your identity as a diverse supplier. 

Building a Global Brand 

This training helps women-owned businesses develop a 'beacon brand' that exemplifies women-owned businesses’ identity and values, using clear and consistent marketing techniques. The training gives the participants an overview of the different ways in which businesses can use technology to communicate business brand to the customer. By the end of the training, participants will have a comprehensive idea of the best practices while projecting a brand over a business website or social media.

How to Finance Your Growing Business

This training introduces the different avenues that women business owners can access to raise financial capital. It also gives participants useful tips regarding the preparation required to apply for capital, and how to negotiate a win-win agreement. Finally, the training places focus on the competitive advantage that women-business owners can leverage while accessing different types of financial capital.

Access to Markets

This training helps women-owned businesses’ chances of accessing new international markets through better understanding the different stages of corporate procurement processes. At the end of the module, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and strategies to make best use of the procurement processes, to ensure your business' success. More practically, participants will learn the laundry list of documentation that corporations typically require as part of your vetting process, and the different systems and types of standards and certification. 

Data Management for Business

This training will address the importance of business data management to support women-owned businesses’ growth and innovation trajectories. Data management considers data as a valuable resource to unlock its potential to an organization. It can help the company gain valuable insights about its operations, industry and market behavior, opportunities for innovation and expansion, among many others. Using data to support the decision-making process can save time and resources and will allow the organization to innovate quickly. Participants will learn about finding, extracting, analyzing data, building a data management strategy, and all the laws that govern data use and management.

Building Resiliency During Covid-19

This training will address some strategies to help women-owned businesses deal with a crisis and stay afloat. The training will cover topics around finance and operations as well as navigating new opportunities with technology. The training approaches resiliency both from the business perspective and from the leader’s point of view. Women have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, and this training is focused on supporting women business owners to adapt to change and pivot to continue company growth.

Looking forward to your active participation in the training sessions.


Please note that WEConnect International, provides for its members a range of other useful free online trainings. To be able to access them, your business needs to be registered with them.

If you are interested to register and access the online trainings, please visit WEConnect Academy which offers a variety of self-paced online trainings. Such online trainings include topics like ‘Financing your Growing Business’, ‘Scaling your Business Module’, ‘Learning from Women Leaders Around The World’ and ‘Reshape Tomorrow’.   For information and access to the Academy, please used the below link:

WEConnect Academy:

There is no fee associated with the registration or these trainings site, however, should your business wish to be certified by WEConnect as women-owned, WEConnect charges a fee. Such certification is not required for any of the trainings or for participation in business opportunities with the United Nations.

The United Nations Secretariat will continue to promote the participation of WOBs in its tender exercises.