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What happens if the United Nations overpaid my New York State estimated tax but owes me tax on other states such as New Jersey ?

The reimbursement system is set up in such a way that all states tax settlements are consolidated into one. If the UN overpaid your New York State estimated tax but owes you tax on New Jersey , depending on the situation, one of the two following scenarios will happen.

Case 1. UN overpaid New York $1,000 and owed staff member US$300 for New Jersey tax.

The net amount of US$700 ($1,000 less $300) will be applied to next year's New York State advance.

Case 2. UN overpaid New York US$400 and owed staff member $1,000 for New Jersey Tax.

The net amount of US$600 ($1,000 less $400) will be settled with a check payable to the staff member.

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