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What action is taken by the UN Tax Unit if a staff member makes an error in his tax returns?

If the Tax Unit, in the course of processing a staff member's request for reimbursements, determines that there is an error, it will issue to the staff member a written notice of corrections to be made to the tax return(s) by the staff member. Staff members are required to acknowledge and certify that they have made the appropriate changes on their tax returns submitted to the tax authorities, and to return the certified correction notification, together with a copy of the corrected tax forms, to the Income Tax Unit. Staff members should not , however, rely on the Tax Unit to detect errors. They remain fully responsible for filing correct returns with the tax authorities.

It should be noted that b y completing UN form F.243 (Consent for the Internal Revenue Service to disclose tax return information to the UN), a staff member authorizes the IRS to disclose to the UN tax information and estimated tax payments regarding his federal income tax account(s) for the particular tax years if and when the UN requests this information. The tax information is used only to ascertain that the staff member who submits photocopies of his income tax returns to the Tax Unit also files the same income tax returns with the IRS. It does not imply that the staff member's federal income tax returns are completely correct and accepted by the IRS. Nor does it imply that the UN is obligated to verify the validity of each claim submitted to the Tax Unit with the tax authorities.


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