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Who gets the tax refund that a staff member receives from the tax authorities?

Entitlement to tax refunds is dependent upon who overpays the tax authorities. A staff member may retain the tax refund that he receives from the tax authorities if he has more withholding tax on his non-UN income than his tax liabilities or if he overpays the tax authorities on the non-UN earnings. If the UN overpays the estimated income tax advances related to a staff member, the overpayment amount will be indicated on a transmittal statement to the staff member after the staff member's income tax reimbursement claim is settled. The UN treats these overpayments as prepayments of tax advances for the subsequent year. Staff members who continue to be subject to U.S. income taxes on the UN earnings should indicate on their tax returns that tax overpayment should be applied to the following year's estimated taxes. Separated staff members should return the UN portion of tax refunds to the Organization.


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