Announcement - Extended deadline to submit Tax Reimbursement Claim for Tax Year 2019



Dear beloved colleagues,


I hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing well. We all are passing very difficult time. Perhaps by now you know that in response to COVID19 pandemic the US Treasury has extended 15 April filing and payments deadline by 90 days. The new deadline to file and to make payments of federal tax for 2019 tax year is 15 July 2020.


I am very happy to let you know that the United Nations Income Tax Unit also has extended the 1st April (Claim Submission) deadline to the 1st June 2020. If you have not yet submitted  your claim to UN Income Tax Unit, you may take a little time and submit by 1 June 2020, provided there is no State Tax applicable on your 2019 earnings.


As no State has declared an extension of deadline, the 1st April claim submission deadline (to UN) will remain effective for the State Tax Payer staff members. But we are hoping all states also will follow IRS policy, if you receive any confirmation from your tax state you may take the advantage of extended deadline of the 1st June 2020.


Due to COVID19 situation most of us are working from home, so, we recommend you send your claim as pdf file via email to ''. While you prepare your Tax Reimbursement Claim Package please follow the following order or pages:


1. UN form F65

2. UN form F65/A (for overseas staff)

3. 1040 and applicable schedules/forms

4. State Tax Forms and applicable forms/schedules

5. UN form F.243


Please also make sure all forms are duly signed.


Thanks for your kind cooperation and please take care yourself and your loved ones. In this difficult situation we must stand beside each other and remain united.


Very best regards,


Quazi Islam

Chief, Income Tax Unit

United Nations Secretariat

20 Mar 2020