Overall 2015 World Oceans Day theme winner



Papehau, a 10-year-old Tahitian girl, is watching a rescued baby green sea turtle reaching out to the lagoon. This is a very rare occasion because the number of green sea turtles nesting in French Polynesia has been declining.


This nest, found in November 2014, was the only one seen in 10 years on Moorea Island…te mana o te moana foundation, its sea turtle clinic and its researchers and educators team have developed extensive programs to help sea turtle conservation, children and public awareness in the South Pacific region.


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Cécile Gaspar

Marine Biologist


The Contest Co-Coordinators would like to thank the following Judges:


Göran Ehlmé, Head Designer, Waterproof Diving International, Gothenburg, Sweden;

Suzanne Gendron, Executive Director of Zoological Operations & Education, Ocean Park, and Foundation Director, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong, China;

Judy Mann, Conservation Strategist,  South African Association for Marine Biological Research, Durban, South Africa;

Kathy Moran, Senior Editor, Natural History, National Geographic, Washington D.C., USA; and

Manu San Felix, Underwater Image Director, Pristine Seas Project, National Geographic, Formentera, Spain.


Winners and finalists of the thematic categories


  • Underwater Seascapes

  • Above Water Seascapes

  • Underwater Life

  • Youth

  • Human Interaction