Overall 2014 World Oceans Day theme winner



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Credit for photo of Jonas Thormar: Jesper Kikkenborg


Here is the overall winning photo from the 2014 World Oceans Day Photo Contest. The winning photo was taken by Jonas Thormar, pictured below. Mr. Thormar is a Danish marine biologist at the University of Oslo, Norway, where he studies seagrass ecosystems.  His life-long interest in the sea in both work and spare time has provided him with opportunities to dive with fascinating marine life from the Arctic to the Antarctic. This shot of a Leopard Seal was taken at the Antarctic Peninsula while working on expedition cruises with dive tourists.



“The perception of oceans as secondary compared to the terrestrial environment is natural, given that most of us live on land. But although the sea appears flat, it is populated by a fascinating diversity of species at all depths, and new life-forms are still to be found. It furthermore provides a wealth of ecosystem services that we couldn’t live without. World Oceans Day aims to increase the global recognition of the beauty and benefits of our oceans and to promote sustainable management for current and future generations.


The leopard seal on the ice may remind us that land and sea are not two worlds apart and what happens on one affects the other. Sea ice extent is being reduced at great speed in the Arctic, and although not so in Antarctica, the redistribution of sea ice here may have great effects on the wildlife and ocean services. But loss of habitat is equally important below the surface in both coastal and deep seas. And we as humans are part of it, and should act accordingly.”



Jonas Thormar

Marine Biologist


The partners wish to thank the following experts for serving as judges : Rémy ATTUYT, Director, The World Festival of Underwater Pictures; Michael AW, Publisher & Founder, Ocean Geographic; Judy MANN,  Conservation Strategist at the South African Association for Marine Biological Research; Sandra BESSUDO, Founder, Malpelo and Other Marine Ecosystem Foundation, General Director of the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation in Colombia, and President of the Colombian Ocean Commission; and Wolcott HENRY, President, The Henry Foundation, underwater photographer.


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