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1. Staff members who:

  • are internationally recruited, including those in the Professional and higher categories, the General Service category and the Field Service;
  • reside and serve at a duty station outside his or her home country (country of home leave);
  • have a child in full-time attendance at a school, university or similar educational institution; and
  • has the appointment or assignment for minimum of six months or, if initially for a period of less than six months, extended so that total continuous service be at least six months.

2. Locally recruited staff members during mission service of not less than six months;

3. Staff member who is reassigned to a duty station within his or her home country in the course of school year may receive the education grant for the balance of that school year.


From the point when the child is five years or older at the beginning of the school year, or when the child reaches age five within three months of the beginning of the school year:

1. Up to the end of the school year in which the child completes four years of post-secondary studies.

2. Up to the school year in which the child reaches the age of twenty-five years. (May be extended by the period of interruption had the child's school year been interrupted by national service, illness or other compelling reasons.)


1. The staff member may be entitled to 75% of admissible costs which vary from duty station to duty station.

2. The admissible cost is subject to a maximum amount.

For information on the amount of the education grant, please click here.


1. A staff member to whom an education is available as described above is entitled to travel expenses for the child of one return journey each scholastic year between the educational institution and the duty station, provided that the educational institution is outside the country of the duty station (no travel is allowed for non-family missions).

2. At duty stations where educational facilities are unavailable, an additional round trip travel is permitted in the non-home leave year.


A staff member serving in a country whose language is different from his mother tongue is entitled to 75% of expenses for his child's tuition in the mother tongue up to a specified maximum amount.


A special education grant for disabled children shall be available to staff members of all categories, whether or not serving in their home country, provided that they have an appointment of six months or longer or have completed six months of continuous service.

Forms to be used in the preparation of claims for the education and the special education grant:

  • Form P.41: Certification of attendance and costs and receipt for payment;
  • Form P.41/A: Certificate of tuition in the mother tongue;
  • Form P.41/B: Certificate of school attendance;
  • Form P.41/C: Certificate of prescribed textbooks and receipts for amount paid;
  • Form P.45: Request for payment of education grant and/or advance against education grant;
  • Form P.66: Request for education grant travel;
  • Form F.10: Voucher for reimbursement of expenses.


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