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To provide staff members with a reasonable cash amount at the beginning of an assignment or transfer to a duty station. It is the total compensation payable by the Organization towards:

1) The initial extraordinary costs incurred by the staff member and his/her family members as a result of an appointment or reassignment;

2) Any pre-departure expenses that the staff member may incur as a result of having to relocate to a new duty station.


The assignment grant is normally payable to staff in the Professional and higher categories appointed under the Staff Rules, who are authorized on travel involving relocation on initial appointment, assignment or transfer, and the period of service at the new duty station is expected to be for at least one year. It is not payable in the case of appointment or assignment to a special mission.


  • DSA portion

For both removal and non-removal cases
Headquarters duty stations (H)
Field duty stations (A-E)
Staff Member DSA x 30 days DSA x 30 days
Each dependent 50% of DSA x 30 days 50% of DSA x 30 days
  • Lump-sum portion
Headquarters duty stations (H)
Field duty stations (A-E)
For removal cases No lump-sum payable 1 month of net remuneration
For non-removal cases 1 month of net remuneration

-For assignments of 1 year or more, but less than 3 years: 1 month of net remuneration

- For assignments that are expected to be of a duration of 3 years or more: 2 months of net remuneration

- If an assignment of less than 3 years' duration is subsequently extended to 3 years or more, a second 1-month lump-sum is payable at the beginning of the third year.


  • If a change of official duty station or a new appointment involves a return to a place at which the staff member was previously stationed, the full amount of the assignment grant shall not be payable unless the staff member has been absent from that place for at least one year. In the case of a shorter absence, the amount payable shall normally be that portion of the full grant that the completed months of absence bear to one year.

  • In cases where the staff member has not completed the period of service in respect of which the assignment grant has been paid, the grant shall be adjusted proportionately and recovery made under conditions established by the Secretary-General who, in exceptional circumstances, may decide to waive recovery.

For further details on assignment grant, please refer to staff rule 7.14 and administrative instruction ST/AI/2012/1 of 27 April 2012.


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