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Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

Coordination of Multilingualism

1. Mandate

The General Assembly has given the Secretary-General a broad mandate on multilingualism that has been reflected in a number of resolutions (see ‘resources’ below).

The mandate stipulates, among other things, that multilingualism is a core value of the organization and that it is the responsibility of the Secretary-General to mainstream multilingualism in the activities of the Secretariat. The Secretary-General, in his capacity as the Chair of the Chief Executives Board for Coordination, was also invited by the United Nations General Assembly to support a comprehensive and coordinated approach on multilingualism within the United Nations system.

Pursuant to General Assembly resolutions 69/250, 70/9, and 71/262 the Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly and Conference Management was assigned as Secretariat-wide Coordinator for Multilingualism.

The terms of reference of the Coordinator, detailed in report A/71/757, were endorsed by the General Assembly in its resolution 71/328 on multilingualism. The Coordinator is expected to act as the entry point for concerns and queries from Member States and Secretariat entities, to serve as a facilitator to attain a coordinated, consistent and coherent approach to multilingualism in the Secretariat and to inspire all departments and offices by initiating and proposing innovative solutions to foster an organizational culture conducive to multilingualism.

The Coordinator is supported by a network of focal points representing all Secretariat Departments and Offices.

2. List of focal points

3. Related activities

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5. Resources