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Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

Functions of the Department

What do we do?

Meetings large and small take place daily at the United Nations.  That is after all where the work of delegates of Member States is done, where problems are raised and solutions proposed.  The overreaching goal of the Department is to provide the physical and deliberative framework for those meetings.  To create that framework, the work of the Department follows three great through-lines: first, technical secretariat support and advice to intergovernmental bodies; second, meetings management; and third, documentation management. Taken together, the purpose of the timely provision of all services – simply put – is to give delegates everything they require when they require it in order for them to successfully accomplish the tasks that they have set for themselves.  Our work facilitates their work, and should function as the oil that allows the wheels of intergovernmental negotiation to run smoothly.

Technical secretariat support + meetings management + documentation management = conference management, as stated in the name of the Department!  All of this work is in the service of the States Members of the United Nations and of the intergovernmental processes in which they are involved.

Through reform measures introduced in the early 2000s, the Department has moved from a reactive role to a proactive management approach.  As a result, it has gained a greater measure of control over, and achieved higher rates of efficiency in, processes that in the past were virtually anarchic, in particular documents management.  An important mandate of the Department is the integrated global management of conference servicing resources, which means the coordination, harmonization and management of the operations at New York Headquarters, Geneva, Vienna, and Nairobi.

The Department consists of the following organizational units: