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Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

Meetings and Publishing Division

Within the deliberative work of the United Nations “the word” is paramount – from the spoken word in meetings to the written word of the final record.  Those two means of human expression find themselves at the heart of the work of the Meetings and Publishing Division (MPD), from simultaneous conference interpretation to printed and published documentation,including verbatim reports of important meetings.

The Division is an active proponent of the use of eco-friendly materials and practices and of new technologies in all fields, including on-demand printing and digital publishing, which minimize the use of valuable resources in the printing process, and provides documents in a more accessible and sustainable format for delegates, staff and the public through the use of electronic devices.

The goal of the Division is the timely provision of the spoken word and of the written word in the most user-friendly means possible.

The Division consists of the following units:


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