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The Map Collection is located in Room L-282 of the Dag Hammarskjöld Library. Hours are from 9:00 to 5:30. It houses over 80,000 maps, some 3,000 atlases, gazetteers, travel guides, cartographic and geographic reference works and digital cartographic products.

The collection is geographically comprehensive, and includes thematic topics such as climate, communications, economics, energy, geology, politics, population and transportation. Generally, topographic maps up to a scale of 1:250,000 are collected, but maps of scale 1:50,000 are also acquired for areas of interest to the U.N.. Plans for major cities are available.

The collection has a comprehensive set of gazetteers published by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names. In addition, there are national and regional toponymic gazetteers from other countries and publishers.

A current collection of travel guides is maintained, and includes such series as, Baedecker, Blue Guides, Fodors, Insight, Lonely Planet, Michelin and Rand McNally.

Among the various reference works in the collection are a number of publications on international boundaries, including those published by the International Boundary Research Unit (Durham, UK).

The collection also maintains up-to-date information on flag specifications and national anthems.

Most of the material in the collection is for reference use and does not circulate. Arrangements can be made for copying, and there are also large layout tables and a light table to facilitate working with maps and atlases.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Map Library, Cartographic Section,
Dag Hammarskjöld Library
United Nations - Room L-282
New York, New York 10017
Tel: (212) 963 7425 - Fax: (212) 963 3742