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Do you have a map of x or y country?

All country profile maps made by the Geospatial Information Section are posted on the Internet. We do not yet have digital maps for all U.N. Member States. We focused on developing countries and/or countries where political situation requires U.N. actions/operations. We update and add new maps regularly. Please visit our site from time to time to check for new additions.
Could you send me information about the U.N. ?

For a quicker reply, please send your request to our publication section (unpub@un.org). We only reply to maps/geospatial information oriented questions!
How can I buy your maps?

Our principle is to share maps and data as much as we can. You can download, print and use our maps for non-profit purposes, free of charge . We ask that the map numbers be retained for reference purposes and that you give attribution to the source.