Envoy’s Workplan

The work-plan of the United Nations Secretary Generals’s Envoy on Youth responds to the UN Secretary-General’s Five-year Action Agenda, and is guided by the World Programme of Action for Youth. It outlines 4 priority areas; Participation, Advocacy, Partnerships and Harmonisation. During the first year, increased focus will be placed on Employment and Civic Engagement while ensuring the integration of a gender perspective across all work areas. In parallel, the Envoy will support the Education First Initiative and the planned activities in relation to youth and education.

Under each priority areas of his work plan, the UNSG’s Envoy on Youth has outlined a set of goals and actions. Firstly in relation to the Participation priority area, the main goal is to increase youth accessibility to the UN through promoting structured mechanisms. This will be achieved through the establishment of the UN Panel on Youth, the first ever Regional Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC) Youth Forums, and the Global ECOSOC Youth Forum. In addition, the Envoy will work on encouraging the Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams to establish National Youth Advisory Groups to engage youth in the preparation of the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). The Envoy will also encourage more governments to participate in the UN Youth Delegate Programme. The Envoy will as well provide his support for the new United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Youth modality. Further, the Envoy plans to create active channels of communication between youth-led organizations and the United Nations, as well as to enhance youth access to information related to the United Nations’ work on youth.

Secondly, under the Advocacy priority area, the UNSG’s Envoy on Youth aims to promote stronger youth participation in setting, implementing and evaluating the various development frameworks and increase international awareness and attention to youth issues. The Envoy has pledged to advocate for a youth-friendly Post-2015 Development Agenda, and to utilise various platforms to advocate for a stronger youth agenda at the national, regional and international levels. In addition, the Envoy will deploy traditional and new media tools to advocate for stronger youth participation with a special focus on marginalized youth and young women and girls.

Thirdly, the Partnerships priority area will aim at engaging Member States, the private sector, academic institutions, media and civil society, including youth-led organisations in the UN programmes on youth and facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships on youth issues. The Envoy will coordinate closely with Member States to further support youth issues and to reinforce a youth perspective in relevant resolutions, as well as explore establishing a Global Trust Fund for Youth Development. The Envoy also plans to support evidence-based research on youth issues, networking of youth-led organisations and explore building a global coalition for youth rights.

Fourthly, the goal of the Harmonisation priority area will be to work as a catalyst to enhance the coordination and harmonisation of youth programming among UN agencies. The actions toward this goal will include promoting the implementation of the World Programme of Action for Youth, working closely with the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development and supporting the establishment of inter-agency networks at the regional and national levels. Moreover, the Envoy will support the implementation of the System Wide Action Plan on Youth, and enhancing the communications and the flow of information between UN agencies and youth.

Download the workplan (PDF)