G20 Brisbane: Unemployment has left younger generation struggling

Chair of the G20’S global youth forum Holly Ransom. Photo: Simon O’Dwyer


ILO – The 24-year-old Australian chair of the G20 youth summit, Holly Ransom, said youth disengagement was a problem afflicting all G20 member countries and one that was, for the first time, threatening new generations with a worse quality of life than that of […]

17 November 2014|News for Youth, News Stories|

Youth employment statistics in new interactive map from ILOSTAT

20 November 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

ILO Director-General Guy Ryder and UN Envoy on Youth Ahmad Alhendawi Meet in New York, Discuss Collaboration on Youth Employment

26 September 2013|Envoy’s news, News for Youth|

UNDP Supports Young Ethiopians to Move From Unemployment to Entrepreneurship

3 September 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

Tackling Youth Unemployment

Sierra Leone, a country once riddled by suffering and stagnation caused by years of civil war and gun-toting youth rampaging through the countryside, is now slowly managing to include marginalized youth into participating in national development and social transformation. Youth unemployment is one of the major causes of war in Sierra Leone and a serious […]

31 August 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|