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UN Envoy on Youth Addresses Colombian Youth During Official Visit

4 September 2013|Envoy’s news, News for Youth|

Building the leaders of tomorrow: preparing young women in Latin America and the Caribbean

“For us, taking part in the ‘Young Women, Leadership and Governance’ Regional Forum is key. Being here means sharing our experiences of work and our agendas, which are no different from those of other women throughout the world,” says Tania Pariona, a 27-year-old indigenous activist from Peru and member of the Continental Network of Indigenous […]

4 September 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

Changes in Peru’s Penal Code will Enable More Young People to Access HIV Services

The Constitutional Tribunal of Peru is amending the Article 173 in its penal code which for many years had criminalized consensual sexual activity among young people. Sentencing was particularly severe with adolescents facing up to 30 years in prison. Article 173 of the penal code was also preventing young people from accessing essential health and […]

3 September 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

In Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, a new online tool tackles violence against women and girls

UN-Habitat studies show that women in urban areas are twice as likely as men to suffer some form of violence, especially in developing countries. Violence is a daily reality that disproportionately affects women and girls in the poorest districts of any city. Owing to their poverty, survivors among these populations have less access to support […]

29 August 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

Latin America and the Caribbean: What Youth are Doing for the Environment

The project aims to advise small farmers on the procedures for washing and returning pesticide packaging. Within two years we could observe a big amount of packaging thrown on the ground and mainly in the river Suzana, near the place where we develop the scouting activities. We have also observed the death of fish in […]

27 August 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

UN Envoy on Youth Spends International Youth Day in Remote Villages

25 August 2013|Envoy’s news, News for Youth|

In Venezuela, Music Provides Hope for Impoverished Youth”

Nehyda Alas, a teacher and director of Venezuela’s Teresa Carreño Youth Symphony Orchestra, believes that when children are exposed to music their behaviour improves.
He should know. Alas has been teaching music education to at-risk youth from Caracas’ poor communities, where children and teens are highly vulnerable to being drawn into the violence and crime that […]

25 August 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

Young Uruguayan women aim to boost their role in politics

“Being a women and being in politics is unusual,” says Lorena Tejeira, 30, a young member of the National Party. “The time dedicated to the party, time that you spend in meeting after meeting, with your weekends devoted to activism – it’s incomprehensible for many of my friends and family. And it’s tough.”

Lorena is an […]

25 August 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|