Entrepreneurship Provides an Answer to Youth Unemployment in South Africa

16 September 2014 – Meet 34-year-old Julius Sematla from Mentz village, Limpopo province. Five years ago, he was staying with his parents and jobless. Out of desperation, he bought a few packets of candy to resell, just to get a bit of pocket money. After realizing that he could sell the candy quickly, he thought […]

29 September 2014|News Stories|

Promoting Career Prospects for young people in the Sciences to ensure sustainable island living

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New Report: Low quality of jobs available major concern for young women and men in Asia and the Pacific

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Successful initiatives to curb youth unemployment in Africa

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New training programme to improve employment options for 15 thousand Bolivian youth

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Crowdsourcing initiative on youth in the post-2015 development agenda launched today

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Africa’s Youth Employment Challenge Addressed by New UN Report

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UN invests in Myanmar’s IT engineers and young entrepreneurs

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Least Developed Countries report calls for prioritisation of job creation

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Entrepreneurship, job creation, can reduce poverty, boost sustained growth in Africa, says UN chief

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