Youth employment statistics in new interactive map from ILOSTAT

20 November 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

Decent Work for Youth Platform: Organisations Mapping

30 October 2013|Opportunities for Youth|

World Bank Infographic: Jobs for Youth

11 October 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

UN hosts Roundtable Dialogue on Investing in Young People

19 September 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

Employment Programme Gives Hope to New Graduates in Jordan

Like many other young students of his age in Jordan, Yousef El Mughrabi, 23, was full of dreams and plans for his future. Living in Ma’an, a southern Jordanian governorate where one in four people live in poverty and one in five is unemployed, Yousef’s dream was a simple one: securing a respectable job that […]

3 September 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

In Nicaragua, Programme Helps Youth Create Businesses

As a child in Nicaragua, Leyli Siles studied, ran and played hide-and-seek just like any other little girl, even though she was deaf and born into a poor family. But by adolescence she began to feel that her hearing impairment was checking her aspirations.
As the years went by, Siles became despondent as the reality of […]

2 September 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

In Georgia, Vocational Training Equips Youth for Job Market

Last year, 19-year-old Nino Narmania learnt she needed computer skills to do her favourite job—sewing and making clothes. Intrigued and excited by the project, she enrolled in a college-level professional tailoring programme in Poti, a provincial town in western Georgia.
Together with 50 other young women, she was the first to reap the benefits of quality […]

2 September 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

Commission on Social Development discusses youth issues

On the sidelines of the Commission on Social Development meeting in New York this week, the U.S. Mission to the UN and the International Labour Organization (ILO) convened a special forum bringing together key stakeholders to explore the challenges in implementing successful strategies.

Salient facts that came out of the forum were that young people represent […]

2 September 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

A Future for Young People in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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At 25, Aleksandar Vrhovac, a resident of Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, had no previous work experience. He knew nothing about how to prepare a resume, look for a job or present himself in an interview—until he went to one of the new centres for information, counselling and education opening up across the […]

30 August 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

UN Envoy on Youth Participates in ILO Panel Discussion on Youth Employment

29 August 2013|Envoy’s news, News for Youth|