Voices of Youth feature: Child of Africa

This blog post is a collaboration between Winifred Ahupa and Ala Oueslati

Something tugs me here

In my belly

Like the strings of a banjo

Struck by hands or legs

Your might defies what

A child possesses

Your birthsong of love

Filters in, slowly at first

Like the emergence of

A baby lunar crescent

Then with a suddenness

You kick the walls of me

Sending jolts of lyrics-

That dispels […]

20 July 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|

Voices of Youth Feature: An Eighth of a Story

By Pia Fleig

I am a European. I have received a very good education, I have succeeded in my A-levels, I can go to any University I want and study more than a human mind can imagine. And yet, I feel like I know so little of reality. As much as my school tried to teach […]

25 June 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|

SAIIA participants represent South African youth at World Humanitarian Summit

SAIIA-Six young people from SAIIA’s youth programmes ensured that the voice of South African youth was heard in regional negotiations for the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit, which will set the agenda for global humanitarian action.

“The voice of the youth is seldom included in higher level negotiations. This is largely due to the fact that the […]

12 November 2014|News for Youth, News Stories|

No ‘back to school’ for millions of children affected by conflict, crisis – UN

(UN News Centre) 8 September 2014 – Almost 30 million children are out of school in emergency or conflict affected countries following the targeting of schools and the displacement of millions of children forced from their homes and studies, the United Nations Children’s Fund said today.

“For children living through emergencies, education is a life line,” […]

10 September 2014|News Stories|

Successful initiatives to curb youth unemployment in Africa

21 May 2014|News for Youth|

Africa’s Youth Employment Challenge Addressed by New UN Report

31 January 2014|News for Youth, News Stories|

Entrepreneurship, job creation, can reduce poverty, boost sustained growth in Africa, says UN chief

25 November 2013|News for Youth, News Stories|

Envoy on Youth signs joint statement on cooperation on youth issues with the African Union

19 October 2013|Envoy’s news, News for Youth|

Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth begins official visit to Kenya and Ethiopia, meets with senior UN officials

15 October 2013|Envoy’s news, News for Youth|

UN Country Team in South Africa to establish youth advisory board

3 October 2013|Envoy’s news, News for Youth|